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Through onsite workshops, seminars, training, and consultation, we help better the speaking skills of our clientele. Improve your vocabulary, increase intelligibility, develop better pronunciation, and improve your writing skills for better understanding.


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Overcome the barriers in spoken language by improving your speaking skills and working through the deviations of your accent. We help you through communication training and improve verbal skills to help better develop your understanding.

Accent Modification

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Don't let your speaking skills hold you back from the opportunities you deserve in your profession and workplace. By improving your speaking skills, we maximize your English pronunciation, and potential as an employee, opening up a world of opportunities.

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About Us

Working towards better comprehension, understanding, and spoken skills, Speech Potential Associates, LLC provides workshops, seminars, one-on-one training, and more to open up a realm of possibilities you otherwise might miss. Through accent modification training, you improve your standing within the workplace, decreasing frustration on both ends resulting from miscommunication. We are here to better your life and career through the development of your verbal and written english skills.

We have built workforce capacity of clients including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Adheris, Federal Reserve Board, C-Span, Carney, Inc., IMS Health, CGI Federal, ALICO, Wyeth Pharmaceutical, Cigna, Deloitte Consulting, MBNA, Rohm and Haas, Morehouse School of Medicine, Surgical Monitoring Associates, FMC, Primavera Systems, Tyco, CMS Companies, Peabody Energy, SEI, Brintnall and Nicolini, and Catalina Health.

Our company supports professional development of public and private sector professionals by improving business communication skills and intercultural competence through workshops and seminars. Individuals and groups are trained in accent modification, effective writing, situational language, idiomatic expressions, technical vocabulary, and social skills. Editorial and presentation support is provided for clients for whom English is a second language.

Ms. Kamin

President/Director of Speech Potential Associates (SPA) LLC 1989–Present

  • Provides results-oriented, individual and group Accent Modification training with practical application in professional work environments.
  • Engages clients through in-person and  distance training and consultation to improve linguistic ability, pronunciation, intonation, grammar and vocabulary in  spoken and written English.
  • Supports professional development of public and private sector professionals by improving business communication skills and intercultural competence through workshops and seminars.
  • Trains individuals and groups in Accent Modification, Effective Writing, Situational Language, Idiomatic expressions, Technical vocabulary, and Social Skills.
  • Provides editorial and presentation support to clients for whom English is a second language.

Training and Certifications

• American Speech-Language and Hearing (ASHA)Certified Member
• ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence
• P-ESL Certified Trainer

• LDS Certified Trainer
• Bilasha Certified Trainer
• Proficient in Microsoft Word and Power Point


• Pennsylvania State University, MS, Speech- Language Pathology  1972

• Pennsylvania State University, BA, Speech-Language Pathology  1970


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